Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Network for Young Entrepreneurs

Today’s youth are emerging as entrepreneurial powerhouses, and more and more are putting new ideas into action. These entrepreneurs refuse to accept things for the way they are. They’re relentlessly trying to push new concepts and practices into the world. They’re young, motivated, and unparalleled given today’s vast amount of available technology and resources. is the birth child of this “young entrepreneur” paradigm. A new social network geared primarily towards young entrepreneurs has emerged and is pushing the boundaries of social networking and interaction. My inherent first question was, “do we really need another social network?” I was sure I knew the answer to my somewhat rhetorical question. There’s so many networks out there all playing tug of war for users. It became clear soon after joining that even in its infancy, the guys at Under30 had asked themselves the very same question and vowed to make it clear that there is still plenty of space in the social network world.

“I remember when we first thought about this,” said co-founder Matt Wilson. “We all had finance, accounting, and business degrees, and graduation was coming up quick. Companies like KPMG and Price Waterhouse Coopers were recruiting from our class, but a few of us had this realization that the corporate job and lifestyle just wasn’t for us. We started thinking of a way to connect young entrepreneurs like us together to brainstorm and share resources.”

Under30CEO launched at the 2008 Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization in Chicago, IL. The site is utilizing a wide range of media to build a library of essential resources for young people looking to start a business.

“Whenever people start these things, they’re thinking, OK, how can we drive as much traffic to the site as possible. That’s the wrong mindset. We want the type of users who keep coming back and want to contribute to the site. If we build a great user base, and the mindset is kept on producing valuable content the rest will fall into place,” Wilson said.

You can check out Under30 at For more information on Under30, or to explore sponsorship opportunities, contact Matt Wilson.


@ZaggedEdge said...

Grant, I really appreciate the press here! We see so much opportunity for young people to become successful on their own terms and really get passionate about what they do!

We're here to give the tools/resources/inspiration to young people who want to be part of something larger than themselves. If we can bring all these people together who want to make a difference out there, our job will be done!

Thanks Grant!

Jared O'Toole said...

Thanks Grant! It's awesome to see people enjoying the network.

I think the question "do we really need another social network?" is the #1 question that pops into everyone's mind. We really put thought into that and think that we can create something that is worth everyone's time. I think we strive for the network to supply great resources for everyone but the difference is how we hope to connect with everyone 1 on 1. Really get people to form relationships and network right from the start instead of just being another #.

Thanks again Grant!

Chuck Bartok said...

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